363 Days Food Program


When he retired from teaching in 1999, Allan Law decided to expand his community outreach efforts. Due to the rapid growth in the number of people living below the poverty level, he began feeding the homeless and families in need on a daily basis and the 363® Days Food Program became the cornerstone of that work. He initially received unsold bakery goods, and sandwiches donated from several stores and gas stations every night. In addition, some churches and organizations that were aware of MRD began to make and donate sandwiches.

As a result of an incredible outpouring of donor support, for the past 6 years the 363 Days Food Program has received and distributed more than 600,000 donated sandwiches annually to the homeless and hungry! Sandwiches are donated each year by over 500 community groups, churches, schools, individuals, and companies. In total, more than 8,000 individual volunteers participate in sandwich making events annually, ranging in age from 4 to 97 years old!

What does "363 Days" mean?

The 363 Days Food Program name evolved from people asking Allan over the years what he does on Thanksgiving and Christmas, since many organizations offer meals to the homeless on those two days. His response has always been, “We’ll let those organizations handle those two days, and MRD will take care of the other 363 days of the year”.

"The Sandwich Man"

Every night Allan distributes more than 1,800 sandwiches to individuals, shelters, and locations serving the homeless. Making several stops, he provides sandwiches to people and families living on the street, and totally outdoors. In addition we provide sandwiches to 12 Twin Cities partner organizations serving the homeless and poor, which they distribute to temporary shelter residents as they leave to go back on the streets in the morning.

Partners include:

  • Salvation Army/Harbor Light Safe Bay
  • Minneapolis Catholic Charities/Higher Ground Minneapolis
  • Dorothy Day Center/Catholic Charities St. Paul Union Gospel Mission St. Paul
  • Salvation Army West 7th St. St. Paul
  • Salvation Army Payne Ave. St. Paul
  • Sharing & Caring Hands Minneapolis
  • Hospitality House Minneapolis
  • Little Earth Community Minneapolis
  • Marie Sandvik Center Minneapolis
  • Urban Ventures Minneapolis
  • Mad Dads Program Minneapolis